Q: Can you tell me how I could find the most current salaries for catalogers?

Q: Can you tell me how I could find the most current salaries for catalogers?

SM: Salary information can be difficult to find – especially when you are seeking current, specific information on a particular type of position. Salaries vary greatly depending on geographic location, years of experience, and type of institution. Several organizations do publish librarian salary information annually. The following sources might not contain the exact information you are looking for, but they might be useful nonetheless.

Maata, Stephanie, “Closing The Gap (Salaries of Reporting Professionals by Area of Job Assignment (Table 6))Library Journal, Oct 15 2005: 26.
Each Fall, Library Journal publishes a report of salaries for recent library school graduates. This data is for 2004 graduates.

Average Salaries of ARL University Librarians by Position and Years of Experience, FY 2004-05 (Table 20, p. 43) “ARL Annual Salary Survey 2004-05”
This survey reports data for ARL University librarians. It includes tables with information on type of position, years of experience, geographic region, size of staff, type of institution, and sex.

Another, slightly more crafty, way to find out about the most current salaries (for any position) is to monitor librarian job ads. Many ads will list the position’s salary, or a salary range. You can also get a good idea of what kinds of qualifications are required and preferred for a specific salary level, as well as for specific institutions and locations.

Here are a few places to start:

LISjobs.com/Library Job Postings on the Internet
The Chronicle of Higher Education / Chronicle Careers  

ALA Joblist
Canadian Library Association / Career Opportunities
Finally, there are several published salary surveys for sale. These reports contain in-depth information on types of positions, locations, and institutions. Check to see if your local library has any of these:

2005 ALA Survey of Librarian Salaries
2005 SLA Salary Survey & Workplace Study
Salary Survey 2000 / The Canadian Association of Special Libraries and Information Services (CASLIS)

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