Q: I am looking to return to the field of librarianship…

Q: I am looking to return to the field of librarianship…

Q: I am looking to return to the field of librarianship. I have worked in non-librarian jobs using the information management skills I developed as a librarian. These skills are very valuable in corporate settings but I would very much like to return to academic librarianship. To complicate matters I have been out of the professional workplace for a couple of years taking care of my ill parents.  I am considering getting a post-master’s certification. I have a ALA MLIS. Do you think this could help me in the job market? I am a very talented individual and think I have a lot to contribute but I am concerned about my time out of work.  Thank you for your input. Any suggestions you have for re-entering the field would be greatly appreciated.


TA: Your research and information management skills in the corporate setting are indeed valuable skills and are likely to transfer nicely into a research-based academic library.  The Certificate of Advanced Study would certainly bring you up to date with a current degree and give you the opportunity to explore today’s industry trends and technologies.  You could also select classes and internships that focus on academic libraries, which would allow you to refocus your experience and career.  Be sure to check out our other articles on Transferable Skills and Getting Started.

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