Q: Can I apply for multiple openings at one organization?

Q: Can I apply for multiple openings at one organization?

Q: I am a recent MLIS grad looking for work.  Over the past 6 months an organization I would like to work for has advertised a handful of various positions, some of which I was qualified for and applied for.  I heard that they were undergoing a reorganization.  Now there is yet another open position that I’d like to apply for.  I am wondering if I should bother them, on one hand, because if they wanted to interview me for a position they have my resume on file.  On the other hand, maybe a variety of people are doing the hiring and don’t talk to each other or share information.  The submission email address for job applicants is a generic jobs@xxx listing so it’s hard to know who is reading these applications.  Should I go for it again or should I move on and assume I am not a good fit?

Thanks for any advice you can offer about multiple openings at one organization.  I have no experience with this type of dilemma!

SM: This type of thing happens quite often, actually. Reorganization is a common occurrence and can affect job openings, job listings, interviewing/hiring schedules, organizational structuring, etc. And it can affect (or play havoc with) your job applications. My advice is to go ahead and apply for the position, or positions, that you want. Since it is a different position (and one that came up after the reorganization and after the other position(s) were advertised), you will want to tailor your application materials specifically to it and its requirements. Unless the institution states that the applications go into a pool for several positions or they contact you and ask you if you want to be considered for a new position (some will do this!), assume that if you apply for one position, only those who hire for that position will see your materials (other than HR). And, assume that you will only be considered for the position(s) that you apply for. However, every place does things differently, so if you can find contact information for the human resources department of the institution, you could try to contact them and ask about the reorganization and how that will affect the job openings and your applications materials. And, finally, you probably shouldn’t apply for more than two positions at one institution within a short time period. Good luck!

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