Cheers to a Very Happy and Successful 2013!

Cheers to a Very Happy and Successful 2013!

Happy New Year to our readers! We want to thank you for all your questions over the past ten years. Yes, it has been ten years! “Career Q&A with the Library Career People” started as a column in the online newsletter Info Career Trends in May of 2003. It was actually called “Career Q&A with the Library Job People” back then. Tiffany and I took over the column in November of 2003 and have been answering your questions ever since.

So, it is only fitting that ten years later we are thrilled to let you all know about our upcoming, soon-to-be-published book, Career Q&A: A Librarian’s Real-Life Practical Guide to Managing a Successful Career. We will post more information about the book, and how to get it when it comes out (later this year!), on this site.

The book takes a broad look at librarianship by dissecting it into different stages and answering specific questions about the various stages, events, transitions, struggles and advances that encompass and define a librarian’s career. It incorporates questions and answers from the Career Q&A site, and offers real-life advice from librarians in all different types of roles and stages of their careers, and genuine responses from a survey that we conducted (that you may have participated in).

So keep your questions coming — they are what make this site, and our book, possible.

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