The Book is Here!

The Book is Here!

We are thrilled to announce the publication of our book, in print and ebook format. If you like our site, and like our advice, then you will like our book. We cover a variety of career topics and most chapters include sidebars from working librarians at different stages of their careers. We hope you like it, because it wouldn’t have been written without this site, and our readers.


Career Q&A presents the following 14 chapters:

  1. The Beginning: Getting Started or Getting Going
  2. Making a Good First Impression: The Art of the Cover Letter
  3. Documenting Your Employment History: The Art of the Resume
  4. Online Identities: Managing Your Online Presence and Building Your Brand
  5. Interviewing: Getting Ready for the Show
  6. Networking: Getting Involved in the Profession
  7. From Here to There: Time for a Change
  8. Putting Yourself Out There: Presenting and Writing
  9. Job Flexibility: Possibility or Myth?
  10. Alternative Jobs: The Nontraditional Career Path
  11. Moving Up the Ladder: Stepping Into Management
  12. Keeping Up: Following Technology and Trends
  13. Collaboration: Forming Productive Partnerships
  14. Retirement: Wrapping Up Your Career and Planning for the Next Stage

Go here or here or here for more information, to read a sample chapter, and to purchase the book.

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