Q: How much responsibility is too much?

Q: How much responsibility is too much?

Q: I am currently employed as a librarian trainee in an Institution of Accountancy with Bachelor Degree level of Library science. My problem is we were given some certificate and diploma courses to teach and those courses are not from the Library science field. They are mainly in Information Science. It has been hard for me to accept this kind of responsibility. Please help me.

My second question: is it possible for my position to teach and at the same time attending other responsibilities in the library i.e cataloging, shelving, etc.?

CNW: Your situation sounds quite unusual. While it is always good to stretch your capabilities, it must be overwhelming to be asked to take on more responsibility than is appropriate. It is not clear whether you hold a BA or MA in Library Science or whether you are taking courses at the same institution where you are working. Regardless of the specifics, if you feel pressured to teach courses that are out of your area of expertise you need to address the issue proactively.

Calmly discuss your discomfort with the arrangement with your managers. If it is an issue of needing support, be specific in what you ask for. You could try asking for reduced responsibilities in cataloging or shelving, for example, to accommodate the extra workload. If the problem is that you are not qualified to teach Information Science diploma and certificate coursework, state this. While there is considerable crossover between the disciplines of Library & Information Science, both you and the school have an obligation to provide a quality education to the students. Engage your colleagues in a frank discussion of the problem.

Regarding your second question: it depends. Many librarians balance part-time and full-time work, including teaching roles. However, librarian trainees are typically early-career. It would not generally be appropriate for a librarian trainee to be teaching college-level classes. Diploma and certificate programs might be okay, but you need to feel that you have mastered the content before you’re expected to teach it to others. It doesn’t appear that you feel comfortable with the arrangement, so you need to find a way to modify it. If you still feel pressured to teach courses beyond your expertise, start looking for another job.



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