Q: How do I show increased responsibility (from one institution) on my CV?

Q: How do I show increased responsibility (from one institution) on my CV?

Q: Recently, my job title in an academic library was changed at my request to reflect an expansion of duties over the past two years (I have worked at the institution for 4+ years). Given that some job ads ask for demonstration of increased responsibility over time, I want to highlight the change appropriately on my CV. 

I have considered separate entries for each job title (i.e., listing the job title and associated duties for each) but some duties would seem redundant because they have been part of my purview since day one. I also considered listing the job titles one after the next, with dates in parentheses, and having only one list of duties below, but am concerned that it is misleading if I did not assume certain duties until my third year on the job. What do you suggest?

A: Congratulations on moving up, and good call on your part to request a title change that reflects your current role. You definitely need to add this to your current CV and, as you mentioned, there are several ways to do it. Since you have maintained many of your existing duties, I would suggest listing the different titles with the respective duties underneath each title (see example below) in order to highlight increased responsibility throughout your tenure at the library.

You may want to think about changing up the wording so you’re not repeating yourself verbatim – especially if you are using bullet points. If you’re using more of a paragraph style (common with CVs) rather than phrases, it may make it easier for you to explain your various role and duties as well as your progression. Put your new responsibilities at the top. You may want to use a combination of paragraph and bullets; you may want to highlight specific accomplishments of that particular position/time period; or, you may want to have two sections – one (professional experience) that just lists your titles along with dates, and another section (professional duties) that goes more in-depth into each position. And, as we’ve mentioned many times before, you will want to customize your CV (or resume) for each particular job you apply for, or each purpose it serves (tenure, promotion, online portfolio, etc.). Search for examples of CVs that you find attractive and play around with format and language until you get something that looks appealing and sounds professional.  I recommend revising and re-formatting your CV or resume on a regular basis. Changes, even little ones, can be so satisfying.



ABC University Library

Senior Librarian (2015 – Present)

Responsible for library-wide financial administration for personnel, equipment and furniture, and collection development. Manage all aspects of technical and access services departments. Participate in campus-wide strategic planning initiatives, such as….

Assistant Librarian (2012-2015)

Managed all aspects of electronic resources and assessment for the library. Managed the discovery service and knowledge base. Participated in reference and instruction services, including….


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