Survey Data

As part of our research for this book, we conducted a massive national (that went international!) survey on a number of topics related to managing a career in librarianship. The complete survey is included as an appendix in the book, but topics ranged from entering the profession and resume advice to workforce demographics, generational differences, and retirement planning.

Periodically, we will share snip-its and snapshots from the survey data on this page. We hope it sparks questions, inspires conversation, and fosters future areas of research and exploration.

Here’s our first sneak peak at the data…

Let’s see who responded:

MLS--Yes or No?
Of the 2300+ survey responses received, over 90% of the respondents held the MLS (or an equivalent).
Type of Library
Several types of libraries were represented.
Age Range of Respondents
Age Range of Respondents

The ages of our respondents ranged from 20’s to 70+



Like the profession in general, our survey was overwhelmingly female.


Undergraduate Discipline

And while our respondents were strong in the humanities as an undergraduate discipline, there were sciences, social sciences and the arts represented as well.


Want to know more from the survey???  Keep checking back to learn more and to take another sneak peak at the data…

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